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Kissing/hugging/etc: Hugging and kissing are absolutely fine. Just no sexy times because Pooh's only five.
Injuries: Small cuts and bruises are okay but for really serious injuries, ask first.
Killing: No
Mindreading/memory wiping/etc.: Yes but ask first. Not that there's much of a mind to read in the first place
Evrywon says dat a storm iz coming. Rabbit sayz to alwayz be prepard so I went too town to buy som food but wen I got there all da shopz wer closd and evrywon walking arownd outside lookd scard.

I didnt have any luck finding any beez nests wit hunny eether but I fownd lotz of stickz for firewood.
* If anyone checks their door this morning, there will be a candy cane wrapped with red, green and white ribbon. Every student and teacher received one regardless of whether they even like candy or if they can even can eat food in general. Attached to each candy cane is a homemade card with "Merry Christmas" or as Pooh spelled it "Murri Krismass" scrawled with crayon. How Pooh got his hands on candy canes is a mystery but don't worry, they're harmless*

Merry Christmas, everyone!

*Backdated to Alien Invasion*

*After taking a couple of hours to remember what the hell he was suppose to warn everyone about to recover from his trauma, Pooh rushed to his room to make a voice post*

Oh bother! Oh bother!

An alien invasion is coming... Bad people came to the observatory and put Mr. Scrooge in an odd thing and started hurting everyone else...Ms. Ivy sent me back here to warn everyone!  They need help!

Oh Bother....*kssssh* Did I *kssh*eak it?

There! This is much better. My paws were getting tired from typing.

I don't remember what happened at detention. I had fun....I think. I forgot.
I just remember that I woke and my head and tummy both hurt. Hawkeye do remember what happened? Was it nice?

The computer said it was my birthday a few days ago. It was sure nice of it to remember because I didn't. I wonder how old I am now?


Aug. 17th, 2009

i woke up and fownd myself biggr and with fingrs and with les fur. i grew a tail again like on rogerday too but dis time its on da rong way. its in front for som odd reeson.


i woake up dis morning in difrent clothes and with a tail. my ears are difrent too. iz dis som sort of game.


Aug. 7th, 2009

oh bother. how do these computor things work.

hello. my name iz winnie the pooh. it iz very nice to meet you all. im sorry. i am not very good at typin yet. this castle iz much bigger than how mister kefka told me.

speeking of wich. does anyone kno were he iz. the hunny jars he gave me were empty and my tummy is feelin rather rumbly.

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